To ensure that students receive the most comprehensive and well-rounded music education, Scarsdale Music School (“SMS”) students and families are required to adhere to SMS policies.

Satisfaction Guarantee
Our goal is to give our students a solid technical foundation, while nurturing their passion for music.  If you are not satisfied with the instruction received, please contact us immediately!

Scheduling Lessons
Scarsdale Music School administrators schedule weekly lessons for the entire academic school year (Sept. - mid-June).  Summer lessons are also available.  If you need to make a time shift, please contact SMS.

In-Home Liability
We check references and do background checks on all teachers.  Because SMS offers in-home lessons, a parent or guardian is required to be home at all times while a lesson is taking place.   At no time should a teacher and student be left alone in your home.  SMS clients release and hold harmless Scarsdale Music School One LLC, its owner(s)/operator(s) from any and all liability, claims, demands and causes of action whatsoever, arising out of or related to any loss, damage, or injury that may be sustained by the participant while a SMS instructor is teaching in a client’s home.

Music and Materials
As a convenience to our families, our teachers provide all materials (books, manuscript paper, downloaded songs, etc.).  You will see materials purchased by your teacher listed on your monthly invoice.

Payment Method
SMS sends an itemized bill once a month through the mail around the 15th of the month for lessons taught the month prior.  Please pay with a check by the due date listed on the invoice.  For payments received after the due date, a $20.00 late fee is applied.  There is a $25.00 fee added for returned checks.

Cancellation Policy – Please Call 914-262-5474 or Email
SMS needs 24hr advance notice of cancellations for any reason.  Our teachers are committed to their students for their income.  Lessons cancelled within 24hr of the scheduled lesson time will be billed at the full lesson rate.  Please call or email SMS to cancel a lesson.  Text messages will not be accepted.

Student No Show or Late Arrival
SMS teachers are required to wait 15min at the student’s home for a scheduled lesson.  If the student does not show, the full rate of the lesson will be charged.  In the case of a late arrival, the teacher will finish the lesson at the scheduled end time, and the lesson will be charged at the full rate.

Two Cancellations Per Semester
Because our teachers reserve your time slot for the school year, only two cancellations with proper notice (24hr prior to lesson time) are allowed per semester (Semester dates: 9/1/11-1/31/12 and 2/1/12-6/20/12).  If more than two cancellations occur, you will be billed at the full rate for the cancelled lesson.

Teacher Lateness
Teachers drive from house to house to teach, and do their very best to be timely.  Because traffic is often a factor, teachers will call the student when running more than 10min late.  Teachers may still end the lesson at the scheduled end-time, but will try to extend future lessons to make up the time missed due to lateness.

Teacher Absence
If a teacher needs to cancel for illness or another reason, whenever possible, the teacher will offer a make-up lesson day and time.  If the make-up day does not work for the student, or if the teacher is not able to offer a make-up day, the lesson will be missed and you will not be charged.

Discontinuing Lessons
Teachers reserve your lesson slot for the academic school year.  To discontinue lessons, (7 days) notice is required.  You will be billed for a lesson that would have occurred if 7 days notice was not given.

Weather Cancellations

We leave it up to the teacher to decide whether roads are safe for their travel.  Teachers will contact you directly to cancel if they will not be teaching due to weather.